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15 effective exercise for good vision

In this age of computer technology is difficult to do without a laptop or smart phone - these devices into our lives so deeply that the recommendations to look at the screen for no longer than an hour and no one remembers. How in these conditions to preserve vision and help your eyes? 
The eye of any living creature on this planet was created to not only see reflected light. To receive visual information from a source that emits light to our eyes is unnatural and harmful. Therefore, the constant reading or watching video screens, even the most advanced, of course, is reflected in the vision. To protect your eyes, you must know the simple rules and do simple daily exercises for eyes.
Step 1: reduce the load
I recommend to you how you can spend less time in front of screens. To remove the eye excessive load, follow those recommendations, which I brought on the basis of their own experiences and advice of experienced ophthalmologists.
·         Make the backlight is so dull, so you can easily make out the text, but not brighter;
·         Increase the text of the document or page, then it will be easier to see, and the eyes will not be strained (if you went to the Internet from your computer, it's easy to do, holding "the Ctrl" and "+");
·         All you need to carry books with e-book reader E-Ink screen that your eyes perceive as well as an ordinary book;

  • At least once every 20 minutes, his eyes fixed on the monitor for 20 seconds and look into the distance;
  • If you own a blind method of printing, during the typing, do not look at the screen, looking to the side;
  • Watch your posture while reading or printing: The neck should be straight, so that the blood vessels are free to act on the head, and therefore to the eyes;
  • Good help for the view - is bilberry, in any quantity. Through its constituent anthologists, this berry can improve blood flow to the retina and restore damaged areas, a positive effect on visual acuity;
  • Eat fresh carrot: it contained vitamin A, or retinol (from the word "retina" - retina), it helps to restore vision. This fat-soluble vitamin refers to, so it is absorbed it is with cream or olive oil, which should be added directly into the juice.
Step 2: Relaxing your eyes
Despite the fact that we have tried to minimize the load on the computer work and permanent eye views on the smartphone screen is still tense. We must learn to relax them well. Perform these exercises several times a day as soon as you feel fatigue and discomfort. Exercise will help remove the feeling of cramps and soreness of the eyes, that makes you squint. If, however, during the day time is not enough, then perform exercises before going to bed. For your convenience, I wrote a few techniques on video.
#1. It is best to carry out this exercise in complete darkness, because his eyes fully relax only in the absence of light, when they are nothing annoys.
·         To start a good, rub the palm, so that they strongly warmed up. Attach them to open eyes to the palm center was opposite eyes - warm palms have a healing effect.
·         Sometimes strongly cashmere and open your eyes, not taking his hands from his face. It is necessary to moisten the cornea of ??the lacrimal fluid and improve blood flow. So, you need to do between each new eye movement.
·         Then, still without removing hands from the face, the reason the eyes first, from the bottom up to the limit, then to the right and to the left, and then turn on the two diagonals, then - in a circle in a clockwise direction and in the opposite direction, then draw the eyes of the square - clockwise clock wise and counterclockwise.
·         Each exercise should be repeated 4 times. The amplitude of the movement of the eyeballs as possible should be - only in this case you get a good effect. After finishing the exercises gently take away hands from his face.
From this exercise, you will feel pain in the extreme positions of the eyeball. This is quite natural, because in everyday life we ??do not move our eyes. A week sessions this feeling significantly reduced, and then disappear altogether. This means that the oculomotor muscles are stretched and restored their elasticity.
Perform the exercise you need daily. If you are doing it at bedtime, so that you remove the burden that his eyes have accumulated during the day. This prevention of presbyopia and myopia progression.
# 2. Pull the front of the hand with the index finger straightened. Without taking his eyes approaching finger to his nose to the minimum distance at which you can clearly distinguish the line on the finger. Then start slowly take your finger at arm's length, keeping the focus on it. Repeat 10 times.
# 3. Bring your index finger to the nose in the minimum distance at which you can clearly distinguish the line on the finger. Then take a look at some distant object outside the window (home, cloud, tree, mountain). Repeat 10 times.
Daily performing these exercises, you will reduce eye strain and feel what you easier to read the text, for example, in the distance, feel that the eyes became much more comfortable. And, of course, spend less time in virtual reality and more - in the open air. Long walks are beneficial to the entire body as a whole.
By Alex Becker